Newton County is located in the beautiful rural region of Northwest Indiana and has plenty of family-friendly sights and adventures to offer. Outdoor and nature enthusiasts will find Newton County is jam-packed with wildlife, unspoiled beauty and good fishing grounds, as well as great hiking trails, hunting and bird watching. Once your day’s activities are over you can enjoy a tasty farm-fresh meal at The Farmhouse Restaurant. Don’t forget to take a first-hand look at all that Fair Oaks Farms has to offer in the way of entertainment and home-grown goods in the form of cheeses, baked goods and gifts for every occasion.


Named after Sgt. John Newton, a sergeant in the American Revolutionary War who served under the “Swamp Fox” General Francis Marion, Newton County has undergone several boundary changes since its original formation in 1835. The northern border was reduced in 1836 to accommodate Lake and Porter counties. 1839 saw the abolition of the county, it being combined with Jasper County. In 1859 Newton County was reformed, its borders essentially as they are today. Newton County was the last county in Indiana to be organized. The county seat is Kentland and the county consists of 10 townships each providing their own local services, its largest being Kentland.

Economic Development

Northwest Indiana is a thriving, bustling region located on the South Shore of Lake Michigan and within close proximity to Chicago. The region attracts more than 50 million tourists a year to its world-class amenities. Manufacturing remains strong, with everything from gummy bears to jet engine parts being made, providing jobs to many of Northwest Indiana’s residents.

The region’s community leaders have devised a 5 year plan to attract young families to Northwest Indiana, with the aim to raise average income levels by making access to Chicago’s higher-paid employment opportunities easier to access. The plan is to do this by expanding the South Shore Line to Dyer.

The region’s community leaders are also planning to put measures in place to encourage its high school graduates to either go on to college or undertake job training. The aim is to ensure that local residents can provide the level of expertise both existing and new companies require, to encourage businesses to remain in the region and to attract new businesses.

Attracting New Businesses

With the dedication and determination of its governing bodies and community leaders to see the entire Northwest region of Indiana not only thrive but grow, Newton County and its neighboring counties is ripe to attract new businesses that will add value to the region as a whole.


There is no better time than right now to explore and take advantage of the great opportunities for both new and existing businesses to set up and begin operating in Newton County. With the Northwest Indiana community leaders’ plans to attract young families to the region there will be a growing demand for products and services, construction, restaurants, entertainment and recreational facilities.

Newton County welcomes your inquiries and will provide you with any assistance you require in your exploration of the business opportunities the county has to offer. We work closely with local and state officials and can arrange meetings with government officials to discuss your business proposals. We can provide assistance in locating the perfect Newton County location for your business. We provide education and training for local residents who are considering starting a new business in the area, and have an incentive program to provide assistance getting your new startup up and running.

Whatever you need, we will provide you with all the tools, services and information you may require to make setting up business in Newton County as smooth as possible. Any data, maps and analysis will be put at your disposal, and should you require further assistance we will be happy to provide you with it. The people of Newton County want it to grow and thrive and we believe that with the support of our community leaders and those of the Northwest region of Indiana as a whole, Newton County will be forging ahead. We welcome the opportunity to show you everything Newton County has to offer.

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