Newton County...

where quality of life issues take on a new meaning.


It is quality of life; it is rural splendor and small town friendliness; it is a solid foundation of education and spiritual well being; it is a can-do attitude; and it is pride.

Newton County ....

Where the air is pure, the land is vast and the values of fairness, honesty, and a days work for a days pay are as solidly ingrained as anywhere in the country.

We offer realistically priced land for industrial and commercial development, and a pro-business stance that encourages growth rather than encumbers it. Air and water quality are high and there are no constraints imposed on future construction by state or federal environmental agencies.

Youll find a more reflective and deliberate pace in Newton County. This the choice of people who care about the long range benefits to be derived from planned growth and traditional values.


Newton County, where quality of life issues take on a new meaning. To be sure, youll find traditional values, and a commitment to educational excellence. This is Newton County, where education takes it's rightful place at the top of the agenda. The education level in Newton County students ranks above State averages in most categories including higher percentage of high school graduates and above average scores on the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress (ISTEP)

South Newton School Corporation
North Newton School Corporation


universityWith a formidable percentage of students completing post secondary curriculums, Newton County shows its support for those public and private colleges and universities in close proximity to Newton County. Among the five universities and the three business colleges within the area are Purdue University, University of Notre Dame, St. Joseph College and Valparaiso University.


Newton County has convenient access to major Interstates as well as US Highways;
US 41 running North and South through the center of our county;
Running East to West; US24, SR114, S R14, SR10 all with interchange access to I-65 . Its a quick commute whether you want to travel South to Indianapolis or North to Chicago.
Youre a days drive away from major US cities.

Approximate Distance from Newton County to Major Cities

  • Atlanta GA -700 miles
  • Chicago IL - 65 miles
  • Cleveland OH - 350 miles
  • Columbus OH -275 miles
  • Detroit MI - 275 miles
  • Fort Wayne - 175 miles
  • Indianapolis - 100 miles
  • Louisville KY - 225 miles
  • Milwaukee WI - 175 miles
  • Pittsburgh PA - 400 miles
  • St Louis MO - 250 miles